About Us

The Tenets of Tractorhood

In a sea of Mason red and blue, it's hard to miss our Tractor green. Like our namesake, we're adaptable, resilient, and dependable. Our entire program is built on a core set of ideals, summarized as the Tenets of Tractorhood.

Desire to Help Others

Spirit of Humility

Confidence in Skills

Pull Towards Excellence

We’re not a race car or a rocket. We don’t aim for flashes of brilliance, which are quick to fade. Like a farmer tending to their field, we till the soil, plant the seeds, and nurture until fruition. Through hard work towards a common goal, we sow skills, grow leaders, and harvest futures.

Whether someone spends a single season or their entire academic career as part of Tractor Nation, we seek to shape our students into empathetic leaders who see the needs of those around them and work to make sure those needs are met.

We are Tractor Nation.