STEAM Education

Level Up!

Each summer, our team supports the Level Up! summer programs put on by the Mason Public school system. Our team members help to develop robotics curriculum, and then teach K-8 students about fabrication and block programming. We get to build robots alongside the kids and guide them through competitions and games using their machines. This partnership has helped us spread awareness of STEAM throughout Mason.

STEAM Classes

We have also worked with Mason Public Schools to integrate robotics into Middle School and High School curriculums. The robotics class at the middle school introduces students to building and coding robots using VEX IQ. Our High school robotics classes include Introduction to Robotics, Competitive Robotics, and 3D Printing. These classes further help to spread awareness of robotics and encourage students to join FIRST teams.


To kick off Michigan State's month-long Science Festival, we partnered with Holt Robotics to showcase the full range of FIRST Programs. Student and parent attendees got to explore the FLL Discover automation challenges, FLL Challenge mission programming, and enjoy demos of FTC and FRC robots in action! 

IQ Hub

This past summer, we partnered with IQ Hub, an agricultural museum located in AgroLiquid's St Johns HQ, for a three month long exhibit on all things robots! It featured interactive displays, programmable LEGO robots, and our working FRC prototypes for Phyllis 13.0!