FLL Explore  (Grades 1-3)

Program Description:

FIRST Lego League Explore is known as our Tiny Tractor Technicians Program.  The primary focus of this level is designed to help your student become more familiar with FIRST Core values and teamwork.  They will work on the fundamentals of engineering with a focus on real-world problems.  The challenge/problem will change from year to year and be based on the FIRST theme of the season.   Students will work with Lego bricks to design a solution, use block-style programming with Lego motors to create motion and explore STEAM activities.  


Students will participate as a team in a Lego STEAM Festival.  At the festival, students will participate in 4 different activities and present the results of the team's design project to judges during the festival.  The objective of the STEAM Festival is to have fun and to foster excitement about STEAM!

Team Resources:

Students will be working through guided lessons provided to the team leaders.  During the process they will keep an Engineering Notebook of activities they complete.  As a group they will produce a project board.  Examples of how these can be laid out are shown below.