Supporting  FIRST  in Mid-Michigan

In Tractor Nation, we don't settle for our own success. We want to cultivate STEM literacy throughout Mid-Michigan.

To support our local FIRST teams, we make our resources available to the community. 

Practice Field

At the Mason Robotics Center, we host a full size practice field with wooden game elements that teams can use for tuning autonomous and testing their drivers. 

Machine Shop

Our facilities are open to all area teams, providing access to 3D printers, CNC machines, and more. Tractor Students work with visiting teams to assist as needed.

Event Support

At competitions, you can often find Tractor Technicians in other teams' pits, helping them diagnose and address issues with their programming or electrical components. 

Quick Build

Each year, following kickoff, we host a robot quick build to support local teams. By the end of the workshop, the goal is for each team to have a drivable chassis to jump start the design process.

Mobile Machine Shop

Reaching beyond our Mason community, our mobile machine shop is nicknamed Tractor Nation on Location. It travels around the state to district competitions, as well as the Michigan State Championship, to ensure teams have the resources they need to make emergency adjustments and repairs in the heat of competition. Our students volunteer their time (even on weekends we're not competing) to accompany the machine shop and provide technical assistance to other teams.