FIRST Robotics Competition

Each January, high school robotics teams from all over the world wait anxiously for the reveal of the new game.

Unlike traditional sports, where the rules are constant from season to season, these students face an entirely new set of challenges each year.

Mentored by industry professionals and dedicated educators, these students design, build and program 125 lb robots to face off in 3v3 style matches. 

Student driven, these robots race across the field at top speeds of 18 ft/s, take aim with automatic vision programming, and scale monkey bars, chains, or tilting platforms.

FIRST Robotics is a crash course in industry, teaching not just technical skills, but also public speaking, business development, and media relations. By investing in this program, you’re helping shape the next generation of innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

The Tractor Technicians compete and collaborate with teams across the state and around the world, reaching far beyond our rural farming community of Mason, MI. 



Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, our design team is responsible for analyzing the season challenge, 3D printing prototypes, and setting strategic parameters for build


Manufacturing parts in house, our fabrication team creates and tests mechanism prototypes, builds all major mechanical subsystems, and maintains the robot during competitions


Using complex schematics to diagram, the electrical subteam makes sure our sensors, motors, pneumatics, and all other electronic components are working together correctly


Programming in JAVA, software is responsible for utilizing sensor outputs, odometry data, and a combination of automated and manual functions to perform game tasks

Drive Team

At competitions, our drive team is responsible for strategizing with other teams, performing teleoperated machine function during matches, and maintaining the robot in top condition


Following FIRST standards and federal regulations, our Safety team educates students, mentors, and parents on safe practices, maintains a safe workspace, and informs our community


Competitions range in size from 40 teams to 75+, and our scouting team gathers and interprets data on robot performance, team dynamics, and strategic compatibility


Collaborating with teams from all over the world, our strategy team is responsible for developing match strategy to elevate our level of play, based on alliance capability

Branding & Spirit

Keeping Tractor Nation recognizable falls on our branding and spirit team, which designs and makes merch in-house and keeps the stands engaged during competition while cheering on the team


Our Culture and Communications team sets team direction, plans outreach, and creates materials for presenting to community members and judges about the impact of our program


Media keeps our community informed through social media, team updates, and our team website. They live stream matches, create content, and help spread our team's message


Collaborating both locally and globally, our business team builds corporate connections, fundraises, and applies for grant funding to support the entire Tractor program