FIRST Tech Challenge

Tractor Technicians in Training

Our Middle School program builds on the skills students acquired in FIRST Lego League by ramping up the challenge. 

Students design robots to fit inside an 18"x18" cube and compete in 2v2 matches with robots from other schools. 

Each season, they're given a completely new game and challenged to design, build, wire, program, and drive a unique machine. 

Mason Middle School has six teams, each dubbed "Tractor Technicians in Training" to recognize the next step in their journey to become Tractor Technicians!

Our middle school program introduces students to the subteam structure that is crucial to 3655's success. These subteams include Design, Fabrication, Programming, and Documentation, but students are encouraged to explore each discipline throughout the season.


Analyzes the game challenge, prototypes machine subsystems, and uses Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to bring ideas to life


Manufactures parts using machine-shop tools, assembles and maintains the robot for practice and competition


Writes Java programming to control motor function, utilize sensor inputs and perform tasks autonomously 


Sets team goals, documents the design and build process, and prepares engineering portfolio materials for competition judges