Next Gen (Grade 8)

Tractor Technicians Next Gen is an invitation-only program offered to 8th graders who participated in our fall FTC program. Working side-by-side with our high schoolers, they're exposed to multiple subteam areas to help them develop the skills they've acquired through FTC.

Limited team size means that students have more hands-on opportunities to build, program, and drive the robot. By the time they get to high school, they've built relationships and developed skills that give them a head start in our high school program.

Next Gen is not just JV Tractor Technicians; it's an intentional step in a student's robotics career to prepare them for success in our program. 

The "Everybot"

To simplify the design process, our Next Gen team often chooses to build the "Everybot", a publicly released robot design that is intended to be accessible to teams of any background. It can be assembled using basic tools and affordable materials, and it allows our students to focus on learning.