Our high school students learn to design using CAD, program in Java, and fabricate parts in our machine shop. We've been lucky enough to qualify for the World Championship multiple times, so our students work alongside teams from all over the world. 

In addition to technical skills, FIRST exposes our students to business fundamentals, public speaking, and teamwork.

Our Next Gen team is comprised of 8th graders who compete at the high school level. They go through the same design, build, and competition process as our high schoolers, allowing them to develop their programming, fabrication, and strategy skills. By exposing them to the FRC experience while they're still in middle school, we're training them to succeed when they join our high school team.

Our Tractor Technicians in Training (abbreviated as T3) are 6th-8th grade students. They design robots to compete in 2v2 game matches with teams from other schools, scoring points for completing different tasks. They compete in local scrimmages before their qualifying tournament, giving them multiple competition experiences and the ability to improve their designs throughout their season. 

Our Tractor Challenge program is for our upper-elementary school students. They use Mindstorm kits and Lego pieces to address a wide range of game challenges. Using block programming, they run completely autonomous missions. They also create and present an Innovation Project that aims to solve a real-world problem based around a central theme. 

Our Tiny Tractor Technicians are part of our mid-elementary school program. This program is non-competitive and focuses on hands-on learning opportunities to help students explore STEAM principles. Through guided lessons, students are exposed to coding, building, and problem-solving.

Tractor Tots is our preschool program, which uses hands-on learning to introduce students to the world of STEAM.